I Pulled the Trigger to Write on Medium; Here Are My Next Steps (to Make the Most Out of It)

My Strategic Game Plan for Getting Started

Raphael Schagerl
2 min readMar 22, 2024
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Why I Decided to Write on Medium

I decided to start publishing on Medium yesterday. Check my “About Me” story to learn more about me.

I want to write on Medium for three simple reasons:

  1. To improve my writing skills. Practice makes perfect.
  2. It’s part of my push to make 1,000 genuine connections with interesting people like you. I want to learn from you, engage with you, and build great relationships.
  3. To drive traffic to raphaelschagerl.com (and vice versa). I just set it up and it’s going to be my central hub for my newsletter, blog, and other content.

My Approach: Creating Maximum Value with Minimal Effort

One important rule for my work is: Creating as much value as possible with the least amount of effort. Once an economist, always an economist, I guess.

That’s why my activities here will be entirely data-driven.

Data helps me to:

  • keep improving my writing efficiently
  • create ever more interesting content
  • increase my output-to-input ratio and automate/discard anything not adding value

My Next Steps

Learning from Mentors

For new adventures, I hit the ground running by learning from mentors further ahead. This avoids beginners’ mistakes. Thankfully, I found Hudson Rennie’s video with this basic process:

  • Posting at least once per week
  • Finding fitting publications to apply to
  • Commenting on ≥5 stories of other writers per story I post
  • Using same 2–3 topic tags consistently

Here is the link to Hudson’s video: “How to Get Started Writing on Medium in 2024 (and Earning Money)”. This video is so good and actionable, I watched nothing else. Time invested <13 minutes.

Additional Steps

I’ll also:

  • start with a time-tested writing framework (shared later)
  • work on learning how to write compelling headlines and hooks

Of course, I’ll share the resources I found most helpful along the way.

Progress Updated Monthly

Keep following along to see where this train wreck ends and if I can achieve my goals.

I’ll report back with my results monthly.

That’s all I have for you today.

About the Author

My name is Raphael. Follow my experiments on becoming more successful, making more money, creating more value for others, and living a better life over at ➜ raphaelschagerl.com.



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