I Am Going to Retire My Wife in 3 Years

No, I am not suggesting anything drastic

Raphael Schagerl
4 min readJun 2, 2024

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I am simply going to free her from the economic necessity of having to work.

The plan is to surprise her with the good news on May 31, 2027.

Let’s rewind for a moment:

I very recently failed with my latest business venture.

The fallout was rough on all of us, and my wife did the lion’s share of the emotional work to get us through the worst of it.

We just had our second child 10 months ago, and my wife enjoys spending every waking moment with our youngest.

Seeing how she thrives in her role as a full-time mother, I’ve now made it my mission to make sure she never has to return to employment again in this life.

New 3-Year Goal: Replace My Wife’s Full-Time Income

We need to replace the equivalent of US$38,000 per year or about US$3,167 per month after tax.

My spouse is a mid-career veterinarian specialising in veterinary dentistry, and she used to make quite a bit more than that before…



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